Ensuring your strategy supports your business’ goals

With the right strategy, planning and governance IT can have an exponentially positive impact on your organisation.  The question is, how do you find the right strategy?

We’ve been helping business find their IT strategy for over 20 years.   In that time we’ve built a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise that could help you transform your organisation.

  • Our knowledge helped National Grid increase the level of collaboration between its Partners.  We enabled it to optimise its buildings and workspace, supporting its internal Smart Workplace policies
  • We’ve helped oil producers improve the health and safety of working on oil rigs by providing a resilient network that can highlight potential issues with machinery before problems occur
  • Our work in the logistics sector has helped organisations such as Yusen Logistics and Norbert Dentressangle improve productivity by improving the availability of business critical applications


“Abtec’s centralised strategy was spot on, it addressed our need to reduce costs”

Operations Director, Darlington Building Society

How we can help

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