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Abtec’s virtualisation services can help make it easier for you to manage your IT resources and software applications. The technology can be the foundation to creating an efficient, effective IT infrastructure.
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What is virtualisation?

Virtualisation is a technology that allows you to create and run multiple ‘virtual’ servers from one physical server. These virtual machines (VM) behave just like their physical counterparts.


Virtualisation can help your organisation:

Reduce running costs

Virtualisation shares the physical resources of real servers among virtual servers. New VMs can be created from underutilised resources, eliminating the need to purchase a dedicated server. We find that one physical server can create 10 to 20 VMs. Creating new servers without additional physical servers means your energy bill won’t increase at the same pace.

Share IT resources easier

Applications and systems from your centralised data centre can be delivered to branch offices throughout the world; and it’s not just traditional software applications such as CRM. We’ve virtualised desktops, a building’s environmental controls, firewalls even telephone systems.

Create a flexible infrastructure

It’s easy to create new server instances in a virtualised environment. New applications, upgrades or patches can be fully tested before deployment. Automated tools perform routine server maintenance tasks, even identifying and resolving issues. This enables you to focus your IT resource on more strategic objectives.

Improve Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans

There are inherent risks with running a business critical application from a single physical server. Hardware can fail, and if it fails so does the application. Virtualisation can mitigate those risks. The technology can underpin your business continuity plans. It’s easier to create secondary, failover data centres with virtualisation.
We are accredited with the three market leading virtualisation brands, VMware, Citrix and Microsoft. Our expert engineers have the skills and accreditation to support your virtualisation project. Organisations have trusted us to manage their IT, communications and network infrastructure for over 20 years. We can help you deliver your virtualisation project on time and in budget.


Ideal for organisations:

  • That want to centrally manage their IT resources
  • Who want to reduce IT hardware costs

Our virtualisation clients include:



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