Increasing your organisation’s agility

Good communication is at the heart of many successful organisations.  A good communication system, at the heart of your organisation, could help you improve your agility and success.


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Unified communications is about bringing the power of your IT resources together, email, databases, networks and mobiles. We have the IT expertise and experience to make this happen.

Successful communications, successful organisation

We specialise in deploying the Mitel range of unified communications systems. Mitel systems are easy to recommend; as they are one of the market leaders, have the functions that most organisations want and can work in a virtualised data centre environment.

Virtualisation has three important benefits:

Improves resilience

Two or more instances of the communications system can be run at the same time. If one instance fails, the backup can kick into action straight away.  Great if telephone calls are critical to your organisation

Easier to manage

Your communication system is simply another virtual machine in your data centre. It can be easier to add complementary technologies such as call recording to the system too.

Lowers costs

This is especially true if you have several branches and a phone system at each branch. In a virtualised environment you can centralise these, and reduce redundant hardware.


Here are just some of the benefits of a unified communications system with Abtec.

Centralise your IT

Don’t have individual telephone systems at each of your business locations.  We can centralise your communications system into your data centre, reducing management and hardware costs.

Replace ISDN30

SIP trunks off er the same services and call quality as ISDN30 but are a fraction of the price.

Reduce travel costs

Audio conferences through the system can improve collaboration and reduce travel costs.

Calls in your email inbox

Away from the office and missed a call? Don’t worry, voice mails can be delivered to your smartphone’s email inbox, helping you respond better and faster.

Connect with technology

From simple automated menu systems to sophisticated integration with databases. Your communications system could help your clients get things done, faster.

Never miss important calls

As an O2 Wholesale Partner, we can integrate your corporate mobile phones into your communications system. If a client dials your office number whilst you are out of the office, your mobile phone could ring at the same time.
We are one of a handful of providers with the accreditation to deploy communications systems in a virtualised data centre.  Our SIP telephony services complement these systems and can help you reduce your costs.

The expertise to help

Abtec’s engineers are accredited to design, install and maintain Mitel and Siemens communications systems.  We also have the capability to maintain many other telephone systems that are less than 10 years old.


Ideal for organisations:

  • Whose voice services are critical to their operations
  • That want to cut costs
  • With homeworkers
  • Wanting to improve customer satisfaction
  • Centralising IT resources

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