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Reliable IT, when your clients demand 100%

In logistics, every second counts.

IT interruptions or outages can cause delays that affect your bottom line. That’s why you need a reliable IT infrastructure you can depend on.

We’ve been helping logistics firms improve their IT reliability for over 25 years. Over that time we’ve built a set of low cost tools and services that can help reduce the risk of outages.

There are three great reasons to review your IT infrastructure now:

  • Costs have dropped
  • Reducing time spent solving outages is more time focusing on your IT goals
  • Your organisation could be better prepared to capitalise on new technologies such as IoT and the cloud


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“Reliability doesn’t cost much, but unreliable does”

Abtec's Network Monitor can help prevent issues by pro-actively monitoring the devices on your network
Sometimes, disruption to your IT services can’t be avoided.  We can ensure that your infrastructure has the resilience and reliability required to mitigate disruption.

The good news is that some of the steps we can take are simple and low cost.  These include:

  • Building resilience into your infrastructure
  • Regularly patching servers
  • Using the 3,2,1 method for backups
You can find out more practical steps to take in our ‘Building Better Disaster Recovery Plans’ downloadable guide.  In it you’ll find out how we help our clients minimise the number of outages they encounter.  Download it here.


Wouldn’t it be great to know if problems were going to occur before they happened?  Our Abtec Network Monitor can help achieve this.

The service displays the health of the devices on your network in real time.  SMS and text alerts can be sent when specific triggers are activated.  For example, this could be a shortage of server disk space, a device’s failed fan, or a router disconnecting.

We use this service to monitor our WAN, LAN and cloud infrastructure.  Find out more here and contact us for a demo.

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