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New Approach Adds Up for Accountants

“Thanks to Abtec we’ve now got an IT infrastructure that’s much easier to manage”

Our latest case study looks at how we helped East Midlands’ chartered accountants The Rowleys Partnership build a better IT infrastructure.  Like many businesses Rowleys wanted to make sure that their IT was supporting their organisation rather than getting in the way.  As you’ll see in our case study, we recommended thin client computers, running in a virtualised data centre environment.

Find out why we made that recommendation and how it helped Rowleys in our latest case study.


New Whitepaper for Building Services Engineers and Consultants

Our new white paper, Providing Remote Access Connections for Building Services Projects, tackles the growing issue of cyber-security breaches in buildings.  The paper is ideal for engineers that work in the building services industry, including building services consultants and mechanical and electrical engineers.

The paper highlights the growing trend of providing remote access connections to building control systems over the internet.  It questions the security concerns surrounding this method and provides suitable, secure alternative methods for remote access.


Don’t forget if you want to learn more about providing remote access for your building services projects you can book on to our free training course.

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Read all about it – Mortgage Finance Gazette

Our Darlington Building Society Project features in Mortgage Finance Gazette

Mortgage Finance Gazette, the premier trade magazine for banks and building societies, has featured our recent project with Darlington Building Society in its latest issue.  The project, in which we enabled the Society to create a more agile IT infrastructure, took a year to implement and has helped create significant efficiencies.

You can read all about the project here or view the Mortgage Finance Gazette article here.


Latest Newsletter Available Now

It’s difficult to talk about IT at the moment without talking about the ‘Cloud’.  In this month’s newsletter we look at the business case for centralising your IT resources and creating your own private cloud.  I’m sure you’ll be surprised to find that you’ve probably got much of the equipment needed to create your own cloud already.  As well as providing some hints and tips we also examine a recent project with Darlington Building Society.  We helped the Society centralise its IT infrastructure, cutting costs and improving the organisation’s agility, and in the newsletter you’ll see some of the benefits this created.

Download the latest newsletter here:


Abtec’s Tips for Creating a Private Cloud

‘The Cloud’, it’s one of those phrases that is difficult to avoid.  I’m sure that, like us, you receive lots of emails telling you how your IT would be easier and lower cost to manage in a public cloud.  The interesting thing is that you may already have many of the components to build your own cloud.  As this uses your own infrastructure you could get all of the benefits of ‘the cloud’ whilst still having full control of the data.


Phil Kennerdell, Abtec’s Sales Director, was instrumental in helping Darlington Building Society (read the case study here) centralise its IT infrastructure.  He gives us his top tips for creating your own cloud.







The final tip is not to struggle alone. Bring in experts like Abtec who have delivered projects like this successfully. Our experience can help you avoid pitfalls and problems, and can make your project go much smoother.


Ring us on 01858 438 500 if you need help with your cloud



Abtec Online Billing and Reporting

Abtec’s online billing and reporting engine can now be found using the following link:

Enlighten, our online reporting tool, is an easier way to manage your telephony services. This site allows you to actively monitor and manage your account with us. Using this service, you can generate online billing reports, as well as administer the users and cost centres within your company in order to create a custom invoice summary.


Broadband Connection Voucher scheme

Abtec is pleased to announce that it is an authorised supplier for the UK Government’s Broadband Connection Voucher scheme.

More information

Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme

The scheme has been extended to more cities, find out more here.

The scheme enables certain small to medium enterprises to claim up to £3,000 for the installation of a faster internet connection. Chris Topham, Head of Marketing at Abtec, says “This scheme can help smaller businesses get higher speed internet access at a lower cost. It’s ideal for businesses that want to get more from the internet”.

Abtec has a team of Broadband Connection Voucher champions that can help businesses identify if they are eligible for the vouchers, the team can be contacted on 01858 438 548.

Find out more information about the Broadband Connection Voucher scheme here.

CIBSE CPD Training IP Networks

Helping You Navigate IP Networks

The deployment of building control systems is changing. More systems are being installed on IP networks. Navigating this technology can present design and implementation challenges for building service consultants and engineers.

Abtec specialises in designing and providing networks for building control systems. We are now included in the CIBSE directory of registered CPD providers. In conjunction with the Charted Institute of Building Engineers (CIBSE) we have developed a new training programme to help you navigate the world of IP networks. This 45 minute session, which can be held at your organisation’s premises, will add to your Continuing Professional Development (CPD).  The great news is that the training is free of charge.

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The CPD training will help you:

  • Specify the right network for your project
  • Appreciate the benefits of secure, resilient networks
  • Provide secure remote access to building controls systems



To book a training session call 01858 438 500 or use the form below:


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    Case study highlights collaboration expertise

    Our latest case study features a project we completed with TGW Ltd, one of the world’s leading warehousing automation companies. The case study highlights how our meeting room and collaboration technology expertise helped the company improve productivity.

    The project included the fit out of the company’s new meeting rooms. The meeting rooms are in high demand at the company’s new headquarters, so we wanted to make them as simple to use as possible.

    This seems to have worked as some of the early feedback from employees includes “Many people have commented how easy the technology is to operate; it helps rather than hinders meetings. Video conferencing is a much better, more effective experience”.

    You can find out more about the project here.


    Building on IT Savings

    Darlington Building Society should be able to spend more resources on its members and customers after our latest project was completed successfully.

    The Society, that covers businesses and consumers in the north east of England, have been working with us for over three years.  The project involved centralising the Society’s IT and communications resources; from its branches to its data centre.  At the heart of the project was the upgrade of the Society’s wide area network.  This enabled us to deliver IT resources as applications over that network.

    We also built additional resilience into the network, strengthening the Society’s business continuity plan.

    You can find out how this has improved the Society’s operation by downloading the case study.