Connecting your organisation’s sites

Abtec is an independent network provider. We offer Layer 2 and 3 access throughout the UK.  We can connect your organisation’s sites together cost effectively.  With resilience at its core and a range of access methods our private network can help you share your IT resources securely.


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Your network, at the right price

We’ve built our own network infrastructure so that we can offer you network connections that are tailored for your organisation.  Our relationship with Tier 1 carriers means we can combine several carriers into one, managed, network. Our network management team ensure that your network is seamlessly connected. This can help reduce your costs without compromising on quality.

International connections

Our network is available in a variety of bandwidths and access methods. Abtec’s network doesn’t end at the borders of the UK. It’s a global Ethernet network that can interconnect with ‘in country’ providers, in over 196 countries.

Resilience as standard

Unlike our competitors our network has resilience built in at its core. Further resilience options are available, such as DSL back up with the same static IP address through to secondary Ethernet connections delivered via an alternative node and routing.

Network access methods:

One of the benefits of using Abtec to provide your network is that you aren’t tied down to just using one carrier end to end.  We can combine several Tier 1 carriers and bring these together seamlessly over our core network.  This means you benefit from a secure, resilient network that’s incredibly good value.


  • FTTP/FTTC/DSL: Access type depends on technology available in that area
  • Up to 80Mbps download 20Mbps upload speed
  • Ideal for smaller offices, homeworkers, backup connections
  • Great for secure remote access for building control devices

Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet (EoFTTC)

  • Uses FTTC technology
  • Circuit presented as Ethernet
  • Unlimited usage
  • Improved SLAs

Ethernet EFM

  • Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) connection – a lower cost version of a dedicated leased line
  • 2 Mbps – 35 Mbps symmetrical connection
  • Ideal for remote offices, sharing voice services, including SIP telephony
  • We can securely split the bandwidth between your network and the internet

Dedicated Leased Line

  • 10Mbps-10Gbps symmetrical connection
  • Ideal for business critical internet access, disaster recovery and offsite back up, SIP telephony
  • We can securely split the bandwidth (via a VLAN) between your network and the internet

Ethernet Extension Services

  • 10 Mbps – 10 Gbps
  • Great for connecting a few sites together that are in the same geographic area
  • Transforms each LAN at the individual site into one single larger LAN
  • Ideal for sharing IT resources over your sites


  • Variety of guaranteed speeds available
  • Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) is a layer 2 IP network
  • Ideal for Connecting few sites together over a national geographic area


  • Multiprotocol Label Switching network – highly secure network
  • Ideal for connecting multiple sites together
  • International standard – you can connect international premises with this network
  • Great for SIP telephony and sharing business critical applications over all of your sites

3G and 4G mobile

  • Up to 672 Mbps (4G) connection speed – speeds depend on local coverage
  • Data traffic is transported by our network and doesn’t come into contact with the web
  • Ideal for small offices, offices with short tenure (for example a new build housing estate marketing office)
  • Can be perfect for remote access to building control devices, especially for the defects liability period
Our network clients include National Grid, Road Haulage Association, and Yusen Logistics Group. They chose Abtec because we’ve got the expertisese to create a network that is robust, resilient and good value.

Expert knowledge

Our experience extends to the applications that you want to run over your WAN, from voice services to Remote Desktop Services. Our attractive service level agreement is backed up by 24/7 network engineer support. We are so sure of our network’s capabilities that we can give you access to live network monitoring and reporting, using the Abtec Network Monitor tool.

Easier to manage

We can wrap all of your Abtec services into one bill. Our online billing system has a variety of reports built in, putting you in control of your costs.


Ideal for organisations:

  • That want to connect their business sites together
  • Centralise their IT infrastructure
  • Want more control over their WAN
  • Want to run SIP telephony over their network
  • Share business critical applications with other sites

Our network clients include:







Yusen Logistics

Works well with

Applications as a Service

IT applications and services delivered from your secure, private cloud

Business Internet Access

One Internet connection for all of your sites

SIP Telephony

Reliable SIP telephony

Abtec Network Monitor

Optimising your wide area network