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Abtec provide the full range of telephone lines, including ISDN30, BT Featurelines, SIP telephony, and competitive call packages, tailored for your organisation. Our wholesale line rental (WLR) services offer reliability and are a cost effective way to protect you against line rental increases.

Call packages tailored to you

Our clients are individual, and so are our call packages. We build our tailored call packages based on extensive analysis of our clients’ recent calling patterns.

One bill to save you time

Why waste time managing bills from your mobile, landline, internet and IT supplier, when we can put these on one bill. You’ll  have access to our online reporting tool that will help you analyse your call usage and costs.

SIP trunking telephone lines are more than a lower cost replacement for ISDN30 connections. Offering the same call quality guarantees as ISDN but at a much reduced costs, Abtec SIP Trunks have added flexibility too. The service offers flexible geographic numbering and business continuity options.

Abtec’s SIP services use a secure IP connection, this enables us to guarantee call quality and service. Unlike our competitors we don’t send SIP traffic over the internet.

Benefits of SIP Telephony

Greater flexibility

The link between a telephone number and its geographic destination is broken.  An office in Birmingham could have a London telephone number.

Centralised resources

SIP technology enables multi-sited organisations to treat voice communications as another IT resource, with calls routed over the WAN.

Stronger DR plan

We can provide a back-up leased line connections and switch telephone numbers across to that backup connection should anything happen to the primary link.
Unlike many of our competitors our accredited engineers are UK based, and can be available 24/7.  Organisations choose Abtec because of our flexible pricing and our support services. We don’t have complex, menu driven options to navigate through; just one number to a team of friendly engineers.

  • Abtec were the first organisation in the UK to provide SIP trunks using Thus PLC’s (now Vodafone) network.
  • We are specialists in providing virtualised communications systems – ideal for organisations that require a robust business continuity plan
  • Our online billing system, Enlighten, gives you the business information to make effective decisions
  • Our IT accreditations display that we can manage your SIP and voice projects from end to end; providing the connections, SIP services and data centre hardware.


Ideal for organisations:

  • Whose calls are business critical
  • That want a more robust business continuity plan
  • Who need a choice of geographic numbers

Our voice services clients include:




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