Protecting your business from Toll Fraud

Abtec’s Callsure service can help protect your business from the growing crime of ‘toll fraud’.


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What is Toll Fraud?

Toll or dial through fraud costs UK businesses around £1.3 – £1.5 billion per year. The fraud involves organised criminals accessing your telephone system to make a large number of calls to premium rate numbers, the costs of which you are liable.

“hackers rack up £5,000 in calls – all charged to us”

The crime takes place over a short period of time, usually over weekends when offices are empty. As this charitable organisation found out the costs can soon escalate.  Callsure is just one in a range of security services can help protect your business against internal and external threats.


Callsure is a fraud protection service that can be added to your Abtec telephone lines.  It protects your business in three ways:

Automatically prevents any phone line with usage of over £500 from making outgoing calls

If one of your phone lines generates over £500 worth of outbound calls to non UK geographic, mobile or premium rate numbers in 24 hours, we will automatically restrict that line making outbound calls (we can easily turn it on again).

Guarantees the charge limit on any breaches

If the 24 hour threshold is breached, you will not be liable for any additional usage above £500, where that usage is fraudulent.

Automatically notifies you of any barring

In the event of any of your phone lines being barred, we will send you an email to notify you that a restriction has been applied.  We can then remove the block if you are satisfied that these calls are not fraudulent.

The cost of this service is £1.99 per analogue telephone number, £3.98 per ISDN2, £1.99 per ISDN30 channel and £1.99 per SIP trunk, per month.

Unlike many of our competitors, our accredited engineers are UK based, and can be available 24/7.  Organisations choose Abtec because of our technical expertise, friendly staff and breadth of products and services.  We can help your organisation meet its goals by designing, procuring and implementing the right technology at the right price.

  • Abtec were the first organisation in the UK to provide SIP trunks using Thus PLC’s (now Vodafone) network.
  • We are specialists in providing virtualised communications systems – ideal for organisations that require a robust business continuity plan
  • Security and availability are at the heart of our technology designs
  • Our flexible online billing system, Enlighten, gives you the business information to make effective decisions
  • Our IT accreditations display that we can manage your SIP and voice projects from end to end; providing the connections, SIP services and data centre hardware.


Ideal for organisations:

  • Whose calls are business critical

Our voice services clients include:



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