BT LES Circuit Alternatives

End of life for BT’s Lan Extension Services


LES was like an old friend. Reliable, dependable, easy to understand; you knew where you were with LES.

No I’m not talking about a real person, LES stands for LAN Extension Services, they were a tried and trusted way of linking a couple of local area networks (LAN) together. To the IT manager these two LANs now appeared to be one, larger, LAN.

BT retired the LES product a few years ago, but there are still plenty of these connections around.  We work with colleges and local government organisations and we still see lots of these circuits in use every day. 

The company has announced that they will be increasing the rental price of these older services again shortly. The price increase is 10%, substantial in these budget strapped times.

Reliable Alternatives for LES

There are now much better alternatives to LES, and at a lower cost too.  Simple point to point  Layer 2 Ethernet access, now available throughout the UK, is a low cost way to connect LANs together. The price of MPLS networks have reduced too making them well within reach of many organisations.

Top Three LES Alternatives

The choice of LES alternative will probably depend on many things, such as the location of your sites, available bandwidth and the applications you run over your network.  If you have an existing LES service, give us a ring on 01858 438 500, we’ll have a look to see what the best alternative is for you.  You never know we might be  able to increase your network speeds and save you budget.

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