Smart Business Backup with Veeam Cloud Connect

In an ideal world we’d all use the 3-2-1 rule for backups. In the real world limited bandwidth, growing data volumes and the human resources required prohibits many organisations from achieving that goal.


Not for much longer though. You can now strengthen your off-site backup regime with Abtec and Veeam Cloud Connect. We can store your primary or secondary Veeam backups in our secure data centre. Our Veeam optimised network connections can help speed up your backup and recovery process. And our ‘pay per GB’ pricing ensures that you only pay for the backup infrastructure that you’ve used.


Test the service out with our one month free trial, or download our service guide.


3-2-1 Rule

This simple rule states that there should be three copies of the data, two types of storage and one copy off-site.

Abtec’s Smart Business Backup with Veeam Cloud Connect

One month free trial


How to buy

We recommend testing Veeam Cloud Connect before purchasing the service.  Our free trial should give you ample time to look at all aspects of the service.  If you are happy with Veeam Cloud Connect it’s simple to upgrade to the full service.  It’s worth discussing the benefits of our Veeam optimised network at this point too.  Veeam Cloud Connect is charged monthly, based on the number of VMs you have and the amount of space used.

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