Optimising your local and wide area networks from the cloud

The Abtec Network Monitor service is an easy to use monitoring tool for your networks. It provides one source to monitor your entire network, including devices, applications, traffic, and availability. It can monitor different sites from one central installation.


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The Abtec Network Monitor service gives you secure and complete visibility of your network. The technology is proven in more than 150,000 installations worldwide.
It assures the availability of your network components, measures traffic and usage. It saves you costs by avoiding outages, optimising connections, workload and quality, while saving time and controlling service level agreements (SLAs).

Easy to use monitoring

Abtec Network Monitor supports SNMP, WMI and Flow monitoring, as well as packet sniffing, and monitoring of IPv6 devices. It offers more than 115 pre-built sensors specifically designed for QoS monitoring, website monitoring, email monitoring, application monitoring, database monitoring, monitoring of virtual environments, and many others.

Comprehensive monitoring

Abtec Network Monitor offers comprehensive monitoring functionality and scales up to larger networks of some thousand devices and even more for the price of an entry level monitoring solution. It includes the entire monitoring functionality in every deployment; no add-ons are required—no extra costs, no extra configuration and no extra maintenance efforts.

Basic features:

  • Bandwidth, usage, activity, uptime, and SLA monitoring
  • Monitoring of multiple locations with one deployment
  • HTTP-based API for interfacing with other applications
  • Automatic network discovery and sensor configuration (IPv4 and IPv6)

Sensors and Protocols:

  • More than 115 sensor types (Ping, HTTP, WMI, SMTP, POP3, DNS, and many others)
  • Network traffic and behaviour analysis using SNMP, NetFlow v5/v9, sFlow v5, jFlow v5, packet sniffing
  • Smart sensors (e.g. automatic recognition and monitoring of multiprocessor systems)
  • Sensors for monitoring virtualised environments (VMware, HyperV, Virtuozzo, XEN, etc.)

Alerting and Reporting:

  • Alerts according to individually configured criteria
  • Email or SMS alert notifications
  • Periodic and customisable reports (HTML, PDF)
  • Detailed log files (detailed information about all activity and results)


Ideal for organisations:

  • With business critical applications on their network
  • With a centralised IT infrastructure
  • With a Wide Area Network



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