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To celebrate our 30th anniversary we are providing a free IT infrastructure and networking health check. Contact our team to make sure your organisation’s cyber security and IT environment are helping your business succeed.

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1991 – The Dawn of Our Digital Age

Abtec wasn’t the only great thing launched in 1991.  That year, two important technologies were developing that would have a profound impact the way we work today.  Abtec has been supporting and guiding businesses from the beginnings of this digital age.  Today, we provide technologies and services that enable businesses to thrive.

Birth of the Web

At the dawn of 1991 Sir Tim Berners Lee had just written the world’s first web page. Over the year he would continue to develop WorldWideWeb, his project that would change the world.

Photo of the NeXTcube used as the first web server. The label reads “This machine is a server. DO NOT POWER IT DOWN!!”. On display at the science museum London.

Chips with Everything

It was also the year that Advanced Micro Devices announced its AMD 386 microprocessor.  It drove competition in the microprocessor market, without which we may not have the proliferation of low cost, high performance chips in devices.

AMD 386 helped develop innovation in the microchip market

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