Award Winning Email Security Service

One of our email security partners, Proofpoint, has won the prestigious CRN Product of the Year 2019 award.  Proofpoint’s email protection services, which include Proofpoint Essentials, are now widely regarded as the leading method of protecting organisations against threats and attacks.

As the volume and sophistication of email threats increases, it’s important to ensure that your colleagues and employees are adequately protected. This means a combination of the right technology and behaviour to stop email threats.  We’ve helped organisations defend themselves from attack using marketing leading technologies, including Proofpoint, and through employee learning sessions.

We can offer bespoke security services tailored for your organisation.  This not only helps protect your organisation from attack, it can also help protect your data and reputation.

For more information about how we can help you protect your organisation call us on 01858 438 500.

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