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Cyber security’s weakest link?

Recent penetration testing conducted against higher education institutions demonstrated a “100 per cent track record of gaining access to a higher education institution’s high value data within two hours.” 

Was this directly due to a lack of cyber security technology exposing these institutes?  Possibly not.  The method of attack used in this research was electronic social engineering, specifically spear phishing emails.

So are we humans the weakest link in cyber security?

Many spear phishing emails will spoof the recipient’s domain name, more often than not appearing to come from a senior colleague.  The emails will request either a supplier payment be made or an action that requires the opening of an attached document.  That sophisticated knowledge or the recipient’s organisation is what makes these emails so successful. 

But there are steps we can take to protect our organisations.

Actions to take

There are a host of ways in reducing your risks of falling foul to phishing emails, here are two examples.

Block your own domain

If you have an email filtering service you could block emails with your own domain if the email doesn’t come from your mail server.  A good mail filtering service will enable legitimate emails with your domain that aren’t sent from your mail server, such as an email marketing engine or an online CRM system, to get through.  This action can reduce the volume of threats received.


How many times have your colleagues had training on how to spot phishing emails?  Maybe not many.  There are several simple steps that every user can take to help identify phishing emails.  Arming users with that information, and then checking their actions with organised phishing email testing can reduce the number of malicious emails acted upon.

Want more?

Reducing the quantity of phishing emails a user receives and empowering users to spot them are just two ways in which we can help you reduce your risks from these attacks and strengthen your security.

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Important IT investment with Abtec for Building Society

IT investment to pay dividends for Building Society

Getting the balance right between an IT infrastructure that is efficient to manage, whilst satisfying the UK’s financial regulatory framework is a challenge.  In our latest case study you’ll find out how Abtec helped Buckinghamshire Building Society achieve that balance.

Abtec has years of experience working with building societies across the UK.  In that time we’ve built up the knowledge and a raft of services that can help building societies deliver effective IT within the market’s regulatory framework.  We provide the IT and communications infrastructure for many of the UK’s building societies.  We’ve helped them address issues such as:

  • Meeting the Financial Conduct Authorities policy on call recording
  • Implementing business continuity plans and disaster recovery audits
  • Delivering IT infrastructure that can radically improve the organisation


In our case study with Buckinghamshire Building Society you’ll find out why more building societies are choosing to work with Abtec.


Broadband Connection Voucher scheme

Abtec is pleased to announce that it is an authorised supplier for the UK Government’s Broadband Connection Voucher scheme.

More information

Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme

The scheme has been extended to more cities, find out more here.

The scheme enables certain small to medium enterprises to claim up to £3,000 for the installation of a faster internet connection. Chris Topham, Head of Marketing at Abtec, says “This scheme can help smaller businesses get higher speed internet access at a lower cost. It’s ideal for businesses that want to get more from the internet”.

Abtec has a team of Broadband Connection Voucher champions that can help businesses identify if they are eligible for the vouchers, the team can be contacted on 01858 438 548.

Find out more information about the Broadband Connection Voucher scheme here.