Abtec Network Systems an Authorised BT Partner You can Trust

As one of only a handful of authorised partners of BT we have access to BT Retail’s business product portfolio.

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There are many reasons why our customers order their BT products and services through Abtec, instead of contacting BT directly. These reasons include:
  • We can manage your entire project better.
  • You know who you are dealing with.
  • It’s exactly the same price as you would pay with BT

Find out the 7 reasons why you need to order BT products through Abtec.


From BT Business Broadband to international MPLS a range of services to suite your needs

Abtec has access to these BT Retail products:

An Authorised Partner of BT

Abtec is an authorised partner of BT, one of only a select handful. Our engineers are fully trained and compliant with BT’s networks. This means that the hardware we provide will work fully with the BT network. Our technical team have access to the latest pricing and special offers from BT, which means that your pricing will be as keen as it gets.

With most services you will still get the bill directly from BT, rather than Abtec. We offer some support for BT’s products and services when a fault occurs, and will contact BT on your behalf to resolve faults.

For more information on BT’s products and services ring us on 01858 438 548.

Abtec an Authorised Partner of BT